Laser Lights Tips n Tricks 2017

So for all you folks out there that are the proud owner of a Sinyio laser stage lights you're in luck, because we are about to run through some invaluable tips and tricks to get you started with your new purchase. Let's get right on with it...

This Guide is for 15W Sinyio laser stage lights only

Yeah, we don't want to waste your time although if you're into stage lighting like we are then any info and tips is useful information. Sinyio have been making and innovating laser lighting technology for many years now and they are quite simply the masters at making cost effective laser lights for stages, performances , and even outdoor events.

Know about software and lighting programs

One thing that we would like to mention in this tips guide is about software and controllers for your laser lights. Basically speaking, you won't need to go out there and buy a really expensive new laser light software program. This is because your Sinyio laser stage lighting will already come equipped with the relevant software programs in-built. So you can get started making impressive laser stage lighting programs right away. Cool eh.

Free Bundled Software

In fact, chances are that your stage lighting laser will come with a free bit of software like Ishow. Once installed, this nifty bit of software will improve your laser displays dramatically. Using this software you'll be able to edit text or upload vector artwork and make a program that can run as a laser display on your laser light. It really is that east. It helps if you have a good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator when making cool logos to beam onto your gigs. For a bit of free software it's not bad really. Yes there are better options out there but for all -in-one packages you can't go wrong with Ishow.